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The System is the Solution


Effective Training

We will train your entire dealership, test their knowledge, and track their accountability on line 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Showroom Sales

Marketing Consulting takes over where others leave off. Many showroom training programs, Autotrader,, ect, are only focused on the sale or the tools to do it. Our showroom training includes the "road to the sale" basics but also stresses the importance of a proper vehicle delivery and customer follow-up after the sale. There are a lot of angles to work in the automotive industry. I've worked the floor for three years where I ended up being 7th out of 2,036 Hyundai Sales in the Chicago District and I was located in Council Bluffs IA.  

Internet Sales

  • Marketing Consulting is a pioneer in the area of Internet sales training. Our secret is in teaching how and what to do, but more importantly why you need to do it and showing you how its done. My area of expertise or lets say understanding how 89% of the business goes online before going to the dealership and how to capture it. A well trained and developed Internet department can take that traffic and turn it into the most profitable department in the store. It might even take over the store, but with me helping you you'll have what it takes to make it through anything! If the market moves I will find it. Dealership marketing consultants is our game!

Phone Sales

  • Marketing Consulting is an accomplished trainer of the phone sales process. I made all my money on the phone and recognize that the phone is perhaps the greatest weapon a salesperson has in his arsenal. I teach our clients the science and psychology of the phone call and how to use the phone to set appointments and get referrals. The phone is the most important tool a salesman can have. 


  • In order to be successful, a manager needs to understand and excel at managing people and process. They also need to be able to motivate and mentor their staff, interface with other departments and lead customer service initiatives. Auto Marketing Consulting offers single and multi-day workshops designed for both new and experienced automotive management professionals. It is hard to find good help. You can pay for it, you can get lucky and run into it, or you can hire me and I'll have them all enjoying their jobs!

Training Never Ends

  • Marketing Consulting offers a unique monthly monitoring program to ensure the continued success of your dealership.

My services include but just begin with:

  • Weekly mystery shoppers
  • Call monitoring with reporting
  • Ongoing coaching with mentoring
  • Phone support
  • E-mail support
  • Competitive analysis
  • Quarterly reinforcement training

Don't wait CALL NOW or fill out the online audit information. There is no reason you should be sitting there with 20 units sold when you could have 40. Stop missing out on your market to your competition and start getting your share of theirs! With the system we provide, We promise it will be your solution.