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The System is the Solution


Effective Marketing  

We are an expert in conventional marketing as well as digital initiatives. The process is the same everywhere

we go. We have tested it over the past 8 years and have found what works. No need to waste time or money on all the over promise type, under deliver type, people in the sales world. Let us show you how easy it is to make this situation work.

Digital Marketing:

  • Permission based e-mail campaigns
  • Digital newsletters
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click
  • Banner advertisements
  • Site links/Link exchange
  • Traffic boosters (accelerators)

We train consultants and in-store marketers how to sell more units, more profitably and more often.

We show managers how to manage more effectively, how to track everything and how to hold everyone accountable.

We help you secure your primary market area as well as penetrate that of your competition, and systematically convert their clients to your dealership.

Effective People

Marketing Consulting also offers a full spectrum of human resource solutions. I know that people are every organization's most important asset. As such, we can help you find great employees, create a team environment and break down communication barriers. Our incentives programs are designed to motivate and retain employees, saving you money and time. Without the trained staff to meet the informed customer you'll loose them to your competition. Let us have three months of being the bad guy, their checks will get bigger and so will yours! 

We also provide complete human resource outsourcing, handling everything from ad placement to quarterly reviews. We are your solution for: Structure, Security, Organization, Order, and Making a ton of money! It starts from the top, how much attention are you giving to the most important part of your business, the front line employee! 

Increase your leads now at

Let us Train and Transform your current model of over priced advertising and training materials to Hands on training on how to make selling cars easy!!!! It starts there and begins on the front line. Call Marketing Consulting now to start your transformation! Its easy to be nothing, hard to be something!!! We can show you how to make it easy and at the same time be Number 1!!!!!!!