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The System is the Solution


Marketing Consulting is the complete solution to making your dealership operate at its optimal level, by creating your ONLINE IMAGE!

I took my laptop to Stan Olsen AutoGroup and Auto Center and in one month working out off my laptop in a makeshift office, personally sold 30 with my process. I hired 1 guy, moved the office into a stand alone building, and started selling on average 45 new and pre-owned vehicles well into the 60's. Fill out the online marketing form and let me go to work for you. I have the knowledge and the experience to make it work for you.  

Ask yourself a question, why do I spend 90% of my advertising budget on newspaper, radio, mailers, and tv, when 87-90% of the business is on line?

For what you spend on a Saturday's full color page ad would pay for your whole months advertising cost. 87-90% of the business is on line let me show you how to bring them to your store.

What I do is enable organizations to improve operational and strategic processes and systems

What can it do for me?

It is important to plan the collections strategy and establish an infrastructure that will deliver profitable improvements. This requires analysis of the current environment and data assets, development of a strategy that considers the organisation’s portfolio and objectives, and ongoing insight into potential improvements.

Marketing Consulting delivers this through system and strategy design, operational and strategic business reviews, benchmarking and loss forecasting to ensure a dynamic operation that brings sustainable results.

Increase your leads now at

I promote websites, is a site I created and submitted. It went from 0 to #1 in 3 Days on all major search engines! I can do this for your business's website. Click picture!

If 90% of traffic is online, wouldn't you focus your attention there?

Contact us 888-342-6018 for your online marketing audit and effective solutions for your dealership!